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Harel Two-seat Sofa

Harel Two-seat Sofa   ...περισσότερα
Κωδικός: SOF-0154-0002
Διαθεσιμότητα: 15-20 working days
€ 578,00 € 1.050,00
Έως 3 δόσεις x 192,67€ / μήνα 
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Harel Two-seat Sofa

The two-seater Harel sofa is a modern and comfortable sofa. The one-piece seat cushion offers a unique esthetic, while the many cushions on the backrest provide you with a greater sense of relaxation. The fabric is detachable from the sofa. The sofa, as shown in the photo, is upholstered in a light gray fabric.

Composition ..

With silicone padding on the back cushions and Foam 400s material with double wadding on the seat cushions, a moderate hardness is achieved, which upon communication with our specified department can be customised. Furthermore, the company offers you a written guarantee of 10 years on the product frames and 5 years on the filling materials.

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Create your own Harel sofa!

Decide between a wide variety of colors and materials from the efdeco collection. Choose, among other things, waterproof and stainless fabric for your sofa from a wide variety of colors. Browse fabrics in many shades that will highlight your space and facilitate your daily life. The soft texture of the fabrics offers a feeling of softness, while their composition has high abrasion resistance.

Contact us via Messenger (efdeco.gr), Viber (6994445444) or email (sales@efdeco.gr) for a personalised proposal of your space. Or choose to configure the product by clicking here.


Διαστάσεις & Υλικό
  • Length:
    • 150
  • Height:
    • 75
  • Width:
    • 90
  • Υλικά κατασκευής-Σκελετός:
    • Ξύλο ελάτης με μοριοσανίδα
  • Υλικά κατασκευής-Πλάτη:
    • Σιλικόνη και βαμβακερή βάτα
  • Υλικά κατασκευής-Πόδια:
    • Ξύλινα