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Biblos Corner sofa

Modern and timeless corner sofa   ...περισσότερα
Κωδικός: COR-0088-0029
Διαθεσιμότητα: Upon Order
€ 1.159,00 € 2.107,00
Έως 6 δόσεις x 193,17€ / μήνα 
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Biblos Corner sofa

Modern and timeless corner sofa. The discreet details of tears that appear on the armrest combined with the seams on the backrest cushions give the sofa a more impressive result. The sofa, as shown in the photo, is upholstered in a waterproof and stainless fabric in beige color.

Composition ..

With silicone filling in the backrest cushions and Foam 400s material with double wadding in the seat cushions, a stable and sturdy seat is formed, which upon communication with our specified department can be customised. The fabric, as shown in the photo, is detachable from the backrest and seat cushions and is washable at 30οC. This corner sofa consists of 2 pieces. There may be discrepancies of centimeters, as the product is handmade and made in Greece. Furthermore, the company offers you a written guarantee of 10 years on the product frames and 5 years on the filling materials.

Advanced description first section image
Advanced description second section image

Create your own Biblos sofa!

Adjust the dimensions and direction (counterclockwise or clockwise) of the product based on the needs of your personal space. Decide between a wide variety of colors and materials from the efdeco collection. Choose, among other things, waterproof and stainless fabric for your sofa from a wide variety of colors. Browse fabrics in many shades that will highlight your space and facilitate your daily life. The soft texture of the fabrics offers a feeling of softness, while their composition has high abrasion resistance.

Contact us via Messenger (efdeco.gr), Viber (6994445444) or email (sales@efdeco.gr) for a personalised proposal of your space. Or choose to configure the product by clicking here.


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Διαστάσεις & Υλικό
  • Length:
    • 280
  • Height:
    • 84
  • Width:
    • 220
  • Depth:
    • 90
  • Υλικά κατασκευής-Σκελετός:
    • Μασίφ πεύκο
  • Υλικά κατασκευής-Πλάτη:
    • Σιλικόνη και βαμβακερή βάτα
  • Υλικά κατασκευής-Πόδια:
    • Ξύλινα