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Κρεβάτι Padova

Κρεβάτι σε μοντέρνο ύφος με ντυμένο κεφαλάρι   ...more
Product Code: BED-0079-0065
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Κρεβάτι Padova

Κρεβάτι Padova με υφασμάτινο κεφαλάρι σε εκρού χρώμα. Η διακριτική διχρωμία στο ρέλι συνδυάζεται με το χρώμα της μελαμίνης που είναι σε απόχρωση γκρι. Στην τιμή δε συμπεριλαμβάνεται το στρώμα, η βάση στήριξής του και τα διακοσμητικά της φωτογραφίας, ενώ απαιτείται συναρμολόγηση. Οι εξωτερικές διαστάσεις του κρεβατιού είναι 175x215x115cm για διάσταση στρώματος 160x200cm. Το προϊόν είναι ελληνικής κατασκευής

Which mattress base should I choose?

Posture slats (made of solid spruce wood) are an economical suggestion that offers durability, functionality and comfort. They are delivered in 12 pieces (slats) that can be placed on any bed frame. Each piece of (wood) is 9.6 cm wide and 1.9 cm thick. A clever way to secure the wood slats in place is to screw them along the side of the bed, keeping an equal distance between them. 


The orthopedic frame is the ideal support base for your mattress due to its durable metal frame (5 cm) and central metal support. Moreover, the curve created by the wooden slats (beech or birchwood) enhances the overall efficiency of the mattress. They share the weight and retreat accordingly, wherever and whenever necessary (elasticity). An important element, in this type of base, is the fixed placement of the wooden slats (3.1 cm) that do not allow the independent springs to penetrate and cause damage to the mattress.  


In case you want extra storage space, you can combine the orthopedic frame with a special lifting mechanism. The base of the trunk, created at the bottom of the bed with the use of insoles, creates a storage space, which is especially useful when it comes to rooms with limited storage capabilities

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Dimensions & Material
  • Length:
    • 215
  • Height:
    • 115
  • Width:
    • 175