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Prisma, Coffee Table (95x85x40 cm)

Coffee tables with walnut and ceramic surface   ...more
Product Code: COF-0961-0085
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€ 728,00
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Detailed description

Polygonal shaped coffee tables. By combining rhombic ceramic with natural walnut patterns on the surface we offer you a modern approach that can renew the aesthetics of your space. Their geometry can give shape to even the most neutral spaces. Their impressive base is stainless steel in rose gold color. The dimensions of the small table are 60x50x33 cm, while the large one is 95x85x40cm. 


This product is imported, thus you can not change its color shades and dimensions. Assembly required


Dimensions & Material
  • Length:
    • 160
  • Height:
    • 40
  • Width:
    • 60