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Unique coat stand 150cm

Coat stand made from solid beech wood   ...περισσότερα
Κωδικός: MON-0888-00011
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€ 100,00 € 250,00
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€ 100,00 € 250,00
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Black Friday Sales
€ 100,00 € 250,00
personalization icon Customisation Capability
Black Friday Sales


Unique coat stand

Specially designed coat stand that offers a unique stylish touch to your entrance area. It can also be placed in your bedroom or your professional space. Its construction material is solid beech wood of excellent quality and is available in various lacquer colors. This product is handmade, made in Greece and is delivered fully assembled. Available in two different dimensions: 150 cm and 180 cm.

Solid Wood Furniture

Products made of solid wood often show alterations in their natural surface patterns and in their shape. All the above proves the uniqueness of these products that constantly offer to your space natural beauty and warmth.

Over the years, natural wood retains its value. The possibility of processing and repainting these products, choosing between different color shades, enhances their timelessness and also confirms their ecological construction. The type of varnishes that we use as a company on these products are ecological and friendly, both to the product itself and to the environment.

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Customise the product…

Browse our color chart and choose the right wood shade of the product according to the rest of the wooden furniture in your space. Choose to customise the product by clicking here!


Διαστάσεις & Υλικό
  • Height:
    • 150
  • Width:
    • 31