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Fillet, dining bar stool Yellow

Dining bar stool with wooden base   ...more
Product Code: STO-0915-0036
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€ 99,00 € 198,00
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€ 99,00 € 198,00
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€ 99,00 € 198,00
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Fillet, dining bar stool Yellow

Fillet, dining bar stool with comfortable seat. Available in 3 shades of waterproof fabric, olive, yellow and black. The shade of the wood is natural, in a light walnut color. You can configure the shade of this product. Its height is not adjustable. This product is delivered fully assembled. 

 The ideal seat height for your bar stool can be found by subtracting 25-30 cm from the underside of your bench / table. For example, if the distance from the floor to your table's underside is 100 cm, then the ideal seat height, of your bar stool, should be about 75 cm. 

 Browse our color chart and choose the correct shade according to the rest of the wooden furniture in your space. Choose to customise the product by clicking here

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Dimensions & Material
  • Length:
    • 43
  • Height:
    • 92
  • Width:
    • 43
  • Ύψος Καθίσματος:
    • 65