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Corner Sofa Decorations: Pillows, Throws etc.! image

Friday 26 April 2019

Corner Sofa Decorations: Pillows, Throws etc.!

διακοσμηση σαλονιου με γωνιακο καναπεStyle_Vibes: Corner Sofa Decorations: 4 + 1 Tips to highlight your sofa!


Always offering the ideal place for relaxation after a long day at work, corner sofas are undoubtedly the piece of furniture that fits into any type of living room, playing a key role in its interior design.


However, before deciding which corner sofa to buy, there are many things to consider. From the comfort of the seat, to where it will be placed and the color combinations suitable for it to fully highlight your new purchase by creating the desired atmosphere in your space.


See the following tips to successfully highlight your corner sofa like a professional!


Select the desired aesthetic style

To make sure that your corner sofa will work harmoniously with the rest of your decorations, the first thing you need to consider is the layout of your space. Ask yourself if the desired style of your living room is relaxed, classic or modern.


Have you chosen a minimalist style or a mix of items, styles, colors and furniture to express your aesthetic identity?


Similarly, if you have a specific color theme, the best action plan is to limit your choices to three basic sub-shades.


For example, light shades of green, gray and cream are ideal for creating a modern Scandinavian design, while dark gray, deep red and brown can create a warm country style décor.


If you are not sure about your color theme, or you want to completely renew the style of your space, a peek at Pinterest will inspire you with many, imaginative decorating ideas suitable for all types of corner sofas.

Tip: Do not be afraid to add bright, secondary colors to the surrounding area. For example, in a minimalist and modern living room, bright yellow ties beautifully with a neutral colored space, while mustard shades provide a more classic look.


Decorative pillows


Pillows are literally a case of "make it or break it", when it comes to corner sofas decorations, so it is worth investing time to find just the right ones.


With the right options, your sofa will look like it came out of an interior design magazine. Trust us, it's much easier than you think! Also consider the placement of throws to decorate your corner sofa.


Placing throws on a corner sofa!


Throws are the easiest solution to protect your sofa and alter its look. In order to be able to lay throws correctly, you must first choose the correct size.

It is important to cover all the surfaces that are prone to stains. Seat pillows and armrests are the most sensitive surfaces of a sofa, so we suggest you to cover them. Then again, it is up to you if you want to cover the whole thing. However, if your goal is to place a throw for aesthetic reasons only, then placing it asymmetrically on one side of the sofa is the right thing to do. 

As the corner sofa is basically two sofas joined together, you will definitely need 2 large throws to cover its entire surface. Especially in the case that your sofa is fitted with an armrest, be sure to calculate the extra points. Tip: If your sofa is light colored, avoid dark throws, as with friction and sweat their color can easily fade.

How many pillows do I need for my corner sofa?


The first thing that comes to mind is “How many pillows do I need?”. If your corner sofa can seat three people, 3-6 pillows is adequate, while for larger corner sofas 9 pillows will certainly do the trick. See some of our tips for corner sofas here.

Tip: As corner sofas have 3 central focal points, the number of pillows should be a multiple of three: one pillow for each side and one for the corner section.

This type of placement focuses on the key points of your corner sofa.


Pillow colors!


Last but not least, when decorating a sofa, you must select the correct shade for your pillows. Choose shades that will create a striking contrast with the color of your sofa.

If your sofa is black, select a light color, such as light blue, to add color. On a beige sofa, try dark shades for a more striking result.

Tip: A good rule of thumb is for your pillows to follow the color or pattern of your curtains.

Find the ideal corner sofa through our collection and apply a smart mix and match to create the perfect relaxation spot of your home!

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