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Modern Living Room Decor: Ideas For Every Taste image

Friday 19 February 2021

Modern Living Room Decor: Ideas For Every Taste

μοντερνα διακοσμηση σαλονιου ιδεες

Fresh Living Room Decor Ideas

When it comes to the interior design of a modern living room, we tend to think that the term “modern” defines a very specific style. But the truth is that many styles can be characterized as modern, varying from vintage to minimal decor.

In any case, regardless of their style, the best living rooms always focus on comfort. A corner sofa with a special finish in a modern & timeless style combined with a comfortable living room armchair, not only emphasizes and differentiates your space, but also offers excellent sitting and space to all your guests. A modern coffee table and a complex with wonderful natural wood surface add functionality and warmth. So in any style of decoration, the right furniture adds its own character and ensures that you enjoy not only style, but above all comfort.

The ideas for decorating a modern living room are many and to help you choose the style you are looking for, we have gathered stunning suggestions that can create a modern living room with personality.

Modern minimal living room

ιδεες για μοντερνα διακοσμηση σαλονιου

Minimalism. What does it mean to you? White walls and wooden floors? Or maybe soft colors and patterns? Minimalism does not have to mean simple, boring or cheap furniture and decorations. It simply means “less is more”. Minimalism can help you create a room according to your desired mood and style. “Paint” it beautifully, with a series of colored pillows on a white floor. Make it striking, with spectacular details. In other words, find the substance with simplicity.

However, there is a reason why minimalism has such an important place in the world of design. If done correctly, it offers a clean and relaxing modern living room, which does not become boring. Minimalism requires careful care and space planning in order to create a refreshing environment that is extremely critical to the place where you know and spend most of your hours every day.

Modern boho living room

μοντερνες ιδεες διακοσμησης σαλονιου

Bohemian or Boho decorations are for those who want their space full of life, culture and... interest! This aesthetic copes with modern sensibilities by embracing the carefree, relaxed and unusual aspect of life. In a boho house, the rooms tend to be eclectic and share common features, without being repetitive. According to boho experts, “there are no rules”. That means that the combination of colors, textures and special elements is the feature that “warms” the decoration and successfully balances boho and modern vibes.

Modern and timeless living room

πως να διακοσμησω το σαλονι μου για να γινει μοντερνο (1)

Even traditional combinations of colors and furniture, if done correctly, can create a modern proposal without underestimating the “wow” factor. Some strong touches against soft white shades create a transitional decorative atmosphere in an impressive and timeless living room. 

Modern living room with vintage touches

μοντερνα διακοσμηση σαλονιου ιδεες

The vintage or retro decoration of a modern living room is created based on style and is achieved by combining old objects, using a variety of fabrics, bright colors and classic furniture. So, if you love the objects of the past, you adore history and special visual interest, then, with a little creativity, you can create a wonderful & romantic retro vintage style that will take you back in time.

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Modern ideas for a minimal home decor

There are many examples of great suggestions for decorating a modern living room that suits every taste. So, find the style that suits you and make it work in your own space. Choose the appropriate furniture, such as corner sofas, coffee tables and living room armchairs, that will offer a touch of individuality to your personal decor.