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Organize your Wardrobe: Space Saving Ideas image

Thursday 11 November 2021

Organize your Wardrobe: Space Saving Ideas

Proper organization starts from inside out!

To be precise, the inside of your bedroom’s closet, where you store all of your clothes and bedding. Organizing your wardrobe often seems like a difficult and time-consuming task, however with a few simple tips and tricks it can become the key to the desired space-saving, easy cleaning and proper storage of your clothes!

If you are in the process of searching for a new wardrobe or in the process of reorganizing your current one, keep reading, as the team of EfDeco is ready to share with you some easy and inexpensive organizing tips, as well as suggestions for choosing the ideal wardrobe! 

Let's put your things in order!

What are the features that make a wardrobe an ideal choice? 

Sliding Doors

Do you have limited space? Then, a wardrobe fitted with sliding doors will fit perfectly in your bedroom, without taking up much-needed space. Proper space management, goes hand in hand with smart solutions and personalization capabilities. So, make the smart choice and select the Side Wardrobe, which is fitted with two sliding doors and stainless steel details. Made from ecologically recycled melamine wood and available in many colors, so that it matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. 

Combining drawers and shelves 

More storage space equals more saving. Select a wardrobe that offers multiple storage spaces (drawers, shelves and hanging rails) that can help you better organize your clothes. That's why we have selected two of our favorite choices when it comes to plenty of storage space. Firstly, the Dark wardrobe, fitted with two doors, two outer drawers, an inside shelf and a hanging rail, available in many colors. And secondly the Far wardrobe, fitted with three doors, two outer drawers, three interior shelves and a useful hanging rail. 

Wardrobes fitted with a Mirror 

A wardrobe fitted with mirror doors perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. The mirror offers another dimension to your space and exudes a sense of comfort and beauty. By placing the mirror on the closet’s doors, you save space and at the same time enjoy the process of selecting each outfit. The Vita wardrobe is a unique wardrobe with a large exterior mirror and a modern designed interior, fitted with lots of storage shelves and a hanging rail!

Often, the inside of our closet resembles a battlefield! How does this happen? In the flow of everyday life, we tend to ​​forget to place our clothes in their correct place. As a result, our wardrobe becomes clustered and our clothes lose their freshness. Furthermore, frequent shopping leads us to have excessive amounts of clothing, which are impossible to store properly. How can you successfully organize your wardrobe? 


Tip 1: Seasonal Storage 

Seasons change, as do the clothes we wear. So, start with the right separation of clothes according to the 4 seasons. Keep clothes, shoes and coats you frequently wear in your closet, and remove those that are not suitable for the season. The rest of the clothes can be placed in corresponding labeled storage boxes or vacuum bags, depending on their type and their use.

Tip 2: Clearing

There are some clothes that you love to wear every day. However, maybe it's time to say goodbye to those pants or coat that you have been wearing for two years. They no longer serve their purpose and just take up valuable space in your closet. Clearing may seem like a difficult task to you. However, in a few simple steps, your storage system can change, as well as your mood!

- So, start by taking all the clothes out of the closet.

- Divide them into stacks depending on how much you wear them and the possibility of wearing them again.

- After splitting these stacks, place the clothes you decided you want to keep in the closet (hung and folded) and donate the rest of them. 

Tip 3: Organizing Accessories 

Use hooks, boxes, thin hangers and vacuum bags to properly store your clothes. You can hang the clothes you wear more often and fold the rest. At the same time, you can get boxes with dividers, to place accessories, bags, underwear and socks. These boxes are placed on the inside shelves of the closet and keep your items neat. At the same time, you can move special occasion items t to higher shelves, while you can reuse shoe boxes as extra storage space. 

Tip 4: Maintenance 

Spend 15 minutes a week to tidy up and put your clothes back in the right place! Avoid large piles of clothes by performing small weekly maintenance sessions and keep everything in order!



Tip 5: Maintaining Freshness 

After you have completed the organization of your closet, with the system that best suits you, place scented pouches inside the shelves and drawers to provide your clothes with a breath of fresh air! You can buy ready-made aromatic pouches from the trade, or you can make your own with lavender and a mix of different herbs!

For wardrobes that offer storage, organization and aesthetics, take a tour at Ef Deco’s collection and choose the ideal one for you! Anywhere in Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens, Patra, Larissa, Kozani) Ef Deco can deliver the package to your door! 

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