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Ef Deco is the WINNER of 2021 SHOPPING AWARDS! image

Tuesday 07 December 2021

Ef Deco is the WINNER of 2021 SHOPPING AWARDS!

A Gold Medal for EF Deco.

Thank you!

For the whole Ef Deco team, the excellent service of our customers is the motivation and also our biggest reward. Since 1954, when Efkolidis SA first opened its doors to the public, the quality of our furniture and services is the highest of standards to this day.

Both our physical and online store, represent quality, functionality and high aesthetics in your personal space. With a variety of Greek and imported interior furniture, we follow both the international trends of modern interior design and also the principles of timeless elegance.

We have modern, neoclassical, classic, children's furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, paintings, lamps and decorations that can elevate every area of ​​your home. We understand that the research for ideal furniture requires time and effort. That is why we made sure that our online store is the ultimate online destination, with complete collections of selected furniture and decorative proposals that can help you create the ideal space through an extremely enjoyable and easy process.

Your home reflects your personal aesthetic and point of view. That's why we seek for furniture that can be personalized to fit your space perfectly, as if they were made exclusively for you. This is also the philosophy of our specialized design and construction department, staffed with a team of experienced interior designers who undertake the study, supervision and careful decoration of your interior space.

This year, the culmination of our philosophy and operation, is our distinction at the Shopping Awards (https://www.shoppingawards.gr/e-shops-2021/). Ef Deco emerged as the gold winner of its category for its excellent service, among thousands of other Greek brands. This is an extremely important distinction for us, as it comes from, virtually, all of you. A unique award from the public, who choose to support and trust us all these years, giving us the opportunity to place our very own special signature in their home.

Shopping Awards is the only institution in Greece that rewards the quality and popularity of businesses, based on customers reviews for the current year. It is the only institution that for 210 days it collects and processes reviews (positive or negative) which are recorded by search engines, social media, sales channels where reviews are submitted (skroutz, bestprice, etc.), service sites, references to public sources (news portals, forums, etc.), and also dozens of other smaller search engines worldwide, producing a safe, transparent and unquestionable result. Then, the team of technicians, as well as the research team, consisting of journalists behind the institution, evaluate any “ties” based on the quality characteristics of the critics to get the final ranking for the current year.

All your reviews, from the 1st of January 2021 until the 31st of August 2021, brought us to the top ranking of the Shopping Awards. We want to express our gratitude towards all of you who trusted us, and offer you a warm thank you for your positive feedback!

The Ef Deco team will continue to be by your side, offering furniture of unparalleled quality and modern functionality, always with the very best of service. We will be very happy to see you up close or to serve you online.

Thank you!