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Modern Ideas for a Living Room with Corner Sofas image

Friday 26 April 2019

Modern Ideas for a Living Room with Corner Sofas

Style_Vibes: Guide for corner sofas!

L-shaped corner sofas are ideally placed in large and airy living rooms. However, they can also be a great addition for smaller spaces, providing a comfortable seat with plenty of space.

They are ideal to accommodate a group of people, facing each other during a conversation, and couples, since both partners can lie down comfortably, enjoying complete relaxation.

Now, which corner sofa best suits you, according to the style and size of your space? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Compact sofa

Corner sofas can be considered bulky furniture. However, they are the smartest choice for a small space, as they can successfully shape the layout of the room and at the same time provide all the necessary comfort.

Always prefer a small and cozy corner sofa that is slightly raised from the ground. This way, the light diffused from below will make it look less bulky.

Sofa bed or Corner sofa?

Both offer style in their own unique way. However, the choice clearly depends on your taste and the layout of your living room.

A corner sofa bed is ideal if you want an extension of the classic two-seater sofa so that you have space to spread out and enjoy its comfort.

These designs can fit perfectly in small spaces and accent classic living room sets.

On the other hand, large corner sofas can offer a more modern look, especially if placed either in the corner of the living room, or at its center.

In this way, they conceptually divide the living room into two parts, creating, in a sense, a second room with an open-plan space.



Color choices

Do you want your corner sofa to stand out and become one with your space? Large corner sofas will undoubtedly become the center of attention, so we suggest you choose neutral and secondary colors. The color of the fabric plays a decisive role in the aesthetics of a space. By selecting a light, neutral colored fabric, you can create an impressive contrast.

However, the downside with light colors is that they can get dirty more easily. So be careful to always select stain-resistant fabrics. Gray colors are the safest choice, since they can harmonize easily with any space and at the same time they are dark enough to hide any stains.

As a general rule, keep in mind that large sofas look great in plain colored fabrics, while smaller sofas can look stunning with distinctive patterns. Try it!

Fabric choices

When it comes to sofa’s fabrics, some of the most common ones are the following. Chenille is a soft fabric with a velvety feel, that needs special care so that it does not wear out.

Cotton fabric is distinguished for its special feeling of coolness and its hypoallergenic properties that make it friendly to the skin. However, it can crumple quite easily.

For this reason, cotton fabrics combined with polyester is the safest choice. This combination makes them extremely durable, helps them not to wrinkle, dry easily, and they do not shrink when washed.

Finally, synthetic leather offers a discreet sense of luxury and comfort. Flexible in their care, they are one of the easiest fabrics to maintain.

Always carefully consider your needs and the feeling you want to offer to your space. 

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Home decor: Ideas and solutions.

Home decor: Ideas and solutions.