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Modern Coffee Tables made of Lacquer: Ideal for every living room! image

Friday 22 October 2021

Modern Coffee Tables made of Lacquer: Ideal for every living room!

Choose the correct one for your space!

You have decorated your living room, you have decided on colors and fabrics, you have thought about the layout of your space and the textures that will be the protagonists. But what about the coffee table? What about the hottest furniture of your living room?

Coffee tables are key pieces, as they combine practicality and aesthetics. Their finish and their design can create a stylish visual effect, which not only highlights your personal taste, but also the surrounding environment.

If you are looking for inspiration or new trends that will renew the aesthetics of your living room, keep reading, as the team of Efdeco has gathered the best suggestions, which come directly from the front line of design.

Our guide includes, different shapes, styles, approaches and of course the absolute trends of the season!

Wooden Coffee Tables made of Lacquer! 

Wood is a material that we love and choose to cover every corner of our home. But what about lacquer, a conquering trend of our time?

Lacquer is a type of wood paint, available in a wide range of shades (RAL coded in the International Painting System), suitable for all wood products and with the same durability as wood shades! According to the requirements of each model, we can preserve or discard the surface pattern of the wood, create a color combination and upgrade the overall look of each furniture!

The use of lacquer implies a perfect finish, great durability and color endurance!

Let's see what are the features that make a lacquer coffee table ideal for your space! 


If you are a fan of strict lines, geometric shapes, different levels and natural tones, then the Folder wooden table, perfectly fits your space and aesthetics!

Its robust geometric design exudes an imposing and timeless air, while its rectangular column painted in lacquer (ecru), which exists between the two levels, creates a very interesting visual effect!

The color and the dimensions of the table are not restrictive, as here at Efdeco we make sure that each of our furniture fits perfectly in your space. You can choose the ideal shade of wood from our color palette and harmonize your table with the rest of the wooden furniture in your living room!

However, if you are looking for a smoother decorative effect avoiding steep corners, Efdeco has a suggestion with a more playful approach!

Inspired by modern trends, the Signal coffee table consists of 2 pieces in 2 different dimensions, with a height difference. They are made of natural oak veneer in combination with lacquer, which provides your living room with a sense of fun! The design of the 2 tables offers the desired adaptability in limited spaces, as you can separate them and place them in different spots.


Its excellent design combines aesthetics and functionality! A modern lacquer coffee table in a natural wood shade, with a discreet but practical storage space, that can be the crown jewel of your living room! The Casual table fits both, modern designed living rooms and classical styled areas, thanks to its flexible color!