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Girl’s Bedroom Decor! Original Ideas image

Saturday 07 September 2019

Girl’s Bedroom Decor! Original Ideas

διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου για κοριτσι

It's time to decorate your daughter's bedroom!

#Style_Vibes: Original Girl’s Bedroom Ideas 

The time has come to quickly realize that your daughter isn't a baby anymore. She has grown into a young woman with a strong character.

That's why the secret to choosing the correct decorations for your daughter’s bedroom, is to find the right balance.

Her bedroom should reflect the dreams of her childhood, and at the same time accommodate her future needs.

Start by envisioning a place where you can see your future teenager daughter enjoying herself, and then focus on projecting all those fun elements that should accompany her every day of childhood.

Add girly touches by selecting patterns with polka dots or glitter details, and base all the decorations on the things that your daughter loves.

If she enjoys reading books, consider creating a cozy reading corner suitable just for her.

Is she a prima ballerina?

How about a corner with a ballet barre where she can practice with passion every day?

It doesn’t take much to make your daughter’s childhood dreams come true. That's why you should constantly reshape and renew their personal space with new decorative elements as they grow up.

Need some inspiration?

See the most fun and creative ideas for decorating a girl’s bedroom, helping you create a space as special as your daughter.

Being a “big girl” means fun!

κοριτσιστικη διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου

Provide your little “diva” with a place to try on her favorite dresses, creating an adorable atmosphere.

Add an elegant wardrobe for clothes and costumes, and complete the ensemble by placing a few chairs for your daughter’s friends! An easy, DIY, bedroom that's every girl’s dream.

If your little one loves the spotlight, place a curtain on the wall and create the most fun, improvised rehearsal room.

Cradle Time

διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου για κοριτσια

Cute and cuddly, this beautiful bedroom decor adds a unique touch of playfulness that fits into every girl’s room.

Suitable for two people, this is the perfect place to read evening stories and snuggle with your daughter!

Cozy reading corner

ιδεες για διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου για κοριτσια

Want to encourage your daughter to read?

How about creating a cozy corner in her bedroom where she can nest and “get lost” in her favorite books?

Artistic concerns!

μοντερνα διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου για κοριτσι

Encourage your daughter’s creativity by creating a beautiful artistic “workshop”!

Fitted with plenty of storage space for paintings and crafts and a simple office where she will do her homework, this proposal acts as a small, practical and inspiring, colorful “studio”.

In addition, a sliding chest of drawers makes it easier to move around the room when more space is needed.

Glamorous Touches

μοντερνα εξυπνη διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου για κοριτσακια

With elegant metallic details and shiny wallpapers, this proposal for your daughter’s bedroom is the essence of elegant and chic.

Create a unique place where she can express herself throughout her adolescent years.

A Magical Shelter

μοντερνα εξυπνη διακοσμηση παιδικου δωματιου για κοριτσια

This beautiful wooden structure offers a unique 2-in-1.

Take advantage of the space under the bed and create an adorable, DIY shelter.

Place a curtain rod, a fairy tale curtain, some fluffy pillows and a some bright lights, and turn this small space into the most magical escape.

Create a unique room for your little princess by spending a lot of energy and little to no money.

Efdeco children's room decorations

Boy’s Bedroom Decorations

Select modern, children furniture and choose from a rich collection of children's wallpapers. Easily and economically, create a dreamy, modern girl’s bedroom that will fill your daughter with beautiful memories!