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Τα εικονίδια των εκπτώσεων φεύγουν, οι τιμές μένουν ίδιες! Βάσει ΦΕΚ 35935/2023
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Wednesday 25 November 2020

Free Home Renewal: 5 Tips

Smart ideas to renovate your home!

This winter, enjoy the comfort and coziness of your home.Since we are staying indoors, it's the perfect opportunity to redecorate our space. Home interior design is a creative task!

A few decorative changes are enough to create beautiful areas and corners that will definitely inspire you!

Rearrange your furniture 

Renew your home, and change its perspective using the simplest technique:

Change the position of your furniture!

ανανεωση σπιτιου οικονομικα

For reasons of both decoration and renewed psychology, it is a wonderful idea that will provide your space with a breath of fresh air. First, observe the layout of your room and see how you can successfully remodel it. Discard any unnecessary items, and place them in your warehouse.

In addition, with the arrival of the winter, it is an incredible opportunity to lay carpets or buy new ones, in stunning colors and designs, that will offer a unique style and warmth to your room.

Finally, since you are now to spend more hours in your living room, make sure to make it as cozy and functional as you can. Your comfortable and comfy corner sofa combined with a practical coffee table will become your favorite spot for endless Netflix nights.

ανανεωση σπιτιου χωρις εξοδα

Tidy up your library


They say that the library is the soul of the house. However, while it is one of the most revered spaces of our home it often gets neglected, due to other favorite furniture, such as your super comfortable and adored corner sofa.

So, it's time to clean your library, dust it off and place all your books in a different order, for example by theme.

If it still looks overloaded to you, it's time to offload it by putting books you do not need in boxes and leave space for beautiful decorations that will offer style and new aesthetics.

Change the decoration of your wall

ιδεες ανανεωσης σπιτιου

Have you ever thought of dressing your wall with a wonderful wallpaper? Alternatively, you can mix & match different paintings you like and create a striking ensemble.

How about even printing favorite photos and create a wall composition of personal moments that will lift your spirits? The options are countless, as long as you let your creativity be free!

Turn the most atmospheric corner into a workplace

ανανεωση σπιτιου με λιγα χρηματα

According to new data, home offices are absolutely essential. Even if your home is small, you will definitely have a favorite corner which you can remodel and turn it into an atmospheric working space that will inspire you and enhance your creativity and productivity.

Here is your chance to decorate your balcony!

πως να ανανεωσω το σπιτι μου

Until now, you may have devalued the importance of your balcony, but as it will now be one of the few outlets you have during the day, it's time to provide it with a breath of fresh air!

Decorate it with candlesticks, snug throws, plants and even a mobile small bar, and transform it into a romantic retreat that can be compared to an atmospheric bistro or bar.