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Living Room Wall Decorations: Paintings, Shelves, Frames, Stone and Wood image

Thursday 27 January 2022

Living Room Wall Decorations: Paintings, Shelves, Frames, Stone and Wood

Wall decorative ideas: Are you wondering how to decorate the wall in your living room and renew your space with functional and aesthetic touches? We have just the right suggestions for you!

Original Ideas for decorating the wall of your living room!

If you are looking for original ideas and solutions to enliven your space, then the central wall of your living room is the ideal choice to bring an air of renewal to the warmest space of the house!

The wall in your living room is the perfect canvas to offer style and character to the heart of your home! Quickly, easily and economically, with proposals that combine functionality and aesthetics, you can create a unique result that will change your mood and the overall image of your living room!

What is the atmosphere you want your space to exude? Do you need extra storage space, or do you just want to add another touch of decoration? Don't know from where to start? Are you looking for inspiration?

No matter your needs, Ef Deco’s team has gathered original ideas, economical solutions and tips that will inspire you to decorate the wall of your living room! 

Living room wall decoration using paintings! 

You are standing in front of a big wall. Are you thinking about how you can introduce color and textures, so that your space acquires another dimension? It's time to talk about paintings! Paintings are always the protagonist of every living room! They offer an artistic and creative feeling, and are often the cause of enjoyable conversations.

A table that meets your aesthetics needs, can renew the overall style of the living room and offer a multidimensional view to your space. So, look for the painting that represents you and inspires you, and place it in the center position that it deserves. Its shades can be similar, with the pre-existing colors of your living room, or intense in case you want to break the monotony! Its size shouldn't limit you, as you can choose to place more than one, creating a very interesting visual effect. It is a classic choice with a timeless value!