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Christmas Decorations suitable for Children and Adults! image

Monday 13 December 2021

Christmas Decorations suitable for Children and Adults!

Christmas Decorations suitable for Kids and Adults! 


The most magical time of the year is just around the corner! The Christmas magic has entered our home and our hearts. A key component of the festive mood and atmosphere during these days is the decoration of the house. Colorful lights, garlands, impressive trees, festive fabrics, decorations straight out of fairy tales, sweet aromas, arts and crafts with personal touches, star in every space, creating the warmest atmosphere for family moments and a bright New Year's Eve.

Christmas decorations are a tradition that we share with our loved ones, even if we change aesthetics, colors and decoration throughout the years. However, there are always some decorative items that find their place in our home. These are the objects that have a tangible history, because we made them with the help of our loved ones.

Continuing this tradition, the Ef Deco team has entered XMAS Mood and has gathered the most imaginative handmade constructions that you can “hang” with your “little friends”. With a lot of appetite, imagination and easy to find materials, you can craft objects and at the same time spend valuable time with your children.


Paper Decorations- Handmade Christmas Ornaments!

For this creation you can use plain paper or even wrapping paper, glue and twine. Wrap the two sheets of paper (size A4) in the shape of a fan with alternating creases. After creating two fans, join them in the center with instant glue. Alternatively, you can drill a small hole in the base of each fan and connect them with a thread. Spread the creases until you achieve the desired opening. Choose the right color and combine it with the rest of your Christmas decorations. You can even let your “little friends” select the type of  paper!

Your paper ornaments can decorate your tree (by opening a hole and placing a thread), the dining room area or even a wall. 


 Handmade Christmas Decorations - Gift Cards