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Embrace the cold weather with the hottest ideas! image

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Embrace the cold weather with the hottest ideas!

Home Décor ideas and solutions: When the weather is getting cold, it's usually the best time to change the décor of your home and prepare it for a beautiful, warm winter. Your living room, where you receive your guests daily, as well as other areas of your home, can be filled with winter decorative touches.


Colors such as dark gray, burgundy and dark green are a must for this winter. Dark green is the new “navy blue” that offers an overall winter like aesthetic. By choosing this color for pillows, covers and decorations you can achieve a very classy timeless effect.



By bringing the furniture closer to the center of your living room, you can accomplish a warmer atmosphere. Select thicker fabrics in warm shades and combine them with intense colored wool, fur pillows and carpets.



Winter can also be colorful. Blue colored decorations combined with crystals, metal and transparent objects can disperse sunlight into the room by letting it pass through them.


Copper or “rose gold” can make even the cheapest items look expensive. It can offer warmth and serve as a striking decoration choice.


In the heart of winter, acorns are the best decorative choice when it comes to your dining room area! Browse our beautiful modern dining chairs. μας.


Small corner sofas, ideal for small spaces. Browse our modern coffee tables and armchairs at Efdeco. Living room decoration ideas.