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Minimal Multifunctional Corner Sofas - Modern Corner Sofas (Guide) image

Tuesday 05 October 2021

Minimal Multifunctional Corner Sofas - Modern Corner Sofas (Guide)

Efdeco’s collection of minimal multifunctional corner sofas is the ideal guide to transform your living room according to your personal taste. Saving useful space with style is not a challenge, but an opportunity to highlight your personality and aesthetics by choosing ideal sofas that perfectly fit into the living room you have dreamed of.

The ultimate guide to minimal sofas has the signature of Efdeco!

Personalization, adaptability and flexibility. Those are the keywords when you need to manage small spaces or spaces with limited adaptability!

Through Efdeco's versatile sofa line, functionality meets design even in the most restrictive spaces. In order to help you select the correct sofa, we have prepared a guide that answers all your questions and suggests successful solutions! 


What are versatile sofas?

They are mainly corner sofas, which have the option of selecting the direction of their corner piece. That means that they do not have a specific orientation from the beginning (depending on the side on which the armrest is placed), which allows you to easily change their direction. Corner sofas in recent years monopolize the interior decoration, as they offer a combination of modern geometric lines and comfort. 

Celebrate Corner Sofa!

It consists of three pieces, thus offering the possibility of changing the direction of the sofa, easily at any time. Upholstered in a light blue waterproof fabric and fitted with a comfortable seat that perfectly embraces your body. Adjust it to your own measures and enjoy daily moments of relaxation! 


Are they suitable for my space? 

If the space of your living room is limited, then a versatile sofa is a construction philosophy without any commitment. You can choose the side on which the corner piece will be placed and transform your space. Even if you are a tenant, you can select a versatile sofa, as it does not bind you in future installations. Whenever you need to change the layout of the living room, you can achieve it very easily and without cost.