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Christmas Home Decor: Ideas & Suggestions image

Thursday 31 October 2019

Christmas Home Decor: Ideas & Suggestions

The Christmas home decor of 2019 requires imagination and exciting mood! These holidays create your own fairy tale, starting from the traditional Christmas tree.

Christmas Home Decor

Scatter throughout the house a festive atmosphere with imaginative decorating ideas. Even though North Pole is quite far away, you can always bring some of its special magic to your personal space!

Use gloves for... decoration 

When it comes to Christmas door decorations, ribbons are traditionally the first choice, but for those of you who are looking for something different, it's time to take some accessories out of the closet! Take a pair of white, knitted gloves and fill them with pine branches and anything else you desire. Nail them on the door and create a clever entrance decoration, easily, elegantly and economically.

A sky full of stars 

A combination of paper, metal and wood stars in various size and shapes, hung asymmetrically from the ceiling or the curtain rod of the living room, will create a wonderful, three-dimensional Christmas living room decor. Hang them and let them enchant you throughout the winter.

Transform an old piece of furniture 

Every good Christmas fairy tale contains children's socks, carefully placed on the fireplace, waiting for Santa's gifts. So, this year hang your festive socks, differently. Make use of old discarded tables and create a handmade construction full of surprises!

See some of our tips for decorating a small living room with a fireplace!

Warm up around the fireplace 

This time of the year, the fireplace comes to life. Just make sure you decorate it appropriately and enjoy it to the fullest. A simple rearrangement of the surrounding space is enough. Remove the sofa and bring in comfortable armchairs and stools. Place a low, modern, coffee table in the center, full of delicious drinks, some comfortable pillows, and create the most cozy spot in your living room! An ideal place for playful evenings with your friends and family.

Festive Kitchen 

The kitchen will spread delicious scents throughout the house, so be sure to provide it with the appropriate festive spirit. Small decorative interventions are enough to turn your kitchen into a festive… workshop! For Christmas kitchen decorations, hang colorful wreaths from the cupboards or stick Christmas stars and finish with garlands and mini firs for a festive atmosphere.

Festive Bedroom 

Although Christmas decorations emphasize the common areas of a house, it's time to spoil yourself a little. Use a feather quilt with festive patterns, place a garland on the headboard of the bed, add something extra and just like waking up in the winter mornings just became a little harder. Relax and enjoy it!

Festive Balcony in Style 

Overturn the classic Christmas balcony decoration with lights and plastic Santa Clauses. A woolen throw placed sloppily on the railing, small wooden furniture and a few scattered lanterns compose a perfectly neat and festive balcony.

Play with colors, materials and unexpected combinations. Create the perfect Christmas Home Decor and receive the sweetest “Thank You” smiles!